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Java Development

Avani Cimcon Technologies (ACT) is one of the pioneers in developing applications in Java technologies. Our core strategy for Java Development is to develop a robust and a versatile generic framework that allows us to build business centric applications. In the development of this framework we have utilized our vast and varied experience gained over a number of years by developing software and products for different customers from all over the world. The other key strategy has been to invest in training and gaining expertise on industry standard development platforms available in Java such as Weblogic and IBM Websphere.

We have invested time in architecting, designing, developing and testing the Java Framework. An experienced and a dedicated team have enabled us to create this framework in a short period of time. ACT Java Framework is robust and flexible and addresses specific types of work that an organization undertakes.

For maintenance, ACT’s resource pool has experienced senior programmers, who maintain and enhance the Java Framework, always in a secured environment.

The advantages of this Framework are listed below:
  • Re-usability of Code
  • Rapid Development
  • Designers and Developers can work simultaneously
  • Changes in the Layout
  • Changes in Business Logic
  • Recursive Processing
  • Dynamic Content
  • Web Services

Our Skillset

Core APIs Servlets, Java Server Pages (JSP), Tag libraries, Struts, J2ME, EJB, Hibernate, Java Transactions API, Java Mail API.
Java XML DOM & SAX, Xerces
Java Performance JVM tuning, Memory and Disk Caching, Java I/O Performance, JUnit Testing
Web Services SOAP, RPC, WSDL, UDDI

With excellent technical resources and years of experience, ACT is in a position of proving itself as one of the best choices for Java solutions and services.

Other Software Products

Hello Everyone. We have come a long ways from 2.0. This by far has been the smoothest implementation for the team and I want to thank all of you for your hard work and focus. This release I know was not an easy one as we juggled multiple codes and deliverables. Great job! Keep up the good work.: Lomesh Shah-CIO

I can assure that you are high on the list of off-shore resources for the international development group based on the outstanding work you did for us.: Yves Delcourte-Product Manager

Without reservation, I welcome the opportunity to work together again. People of integrity, such as yourself, are always a pleasure to work with, and all of your team have demonstrated a deep passion for their work and for excellence.: Ed Ziv-Project Manager

Everything seems to work perfectly!! Well done to everyone concerned! Once we have the finishing touches completed then we need to deploy this to live and begin the process of supporting Affiliates in utilizing these services.Thanks again for your help and well done to your team on a great job so far! : Martin Halford, IT Manager

Great job everyone. It is exciting to see releases get smoother and on target progressively. Thank you for you hard work and focus.: Tom Clarke-Project Manager

Great effort all around. On our side, this release saw some transitions among team members which could have resulted in delays, but a pro-active approach from both sides ensured that the project remained on track.: Prashant Bhargava

Without doing any amount of testing this is EXCELLENT work. Please convey to your team.... I am seeing couple of things that we have to move around, but at first glance... GREAT JOB to your team. Please convey this to them.: Richard Walls

Thank you for delivering this release today. All of the functionality appears to be there. I appreciate that you put in extra effort to make this date. The functionality is there and things are going smoothly. : Cathy Salscheider - Lead Business Systems Analyst

The next time I talk to Saurabh I have to tell him how very helpful and professional you guys have been these last couple of days.... really appreciate you guys coming out early to wrap up the final changes for this project.. I know priorities at the office probably shifted for you .. but I am very grateful for how you guys have extended yourselves.: Richard Walls

Thank you, this is fabulous. The entire LITE team is going to dive into the site. We will get back to you shortly with thoughtful comments and suggestions. From what I have seen so far, it looks great. Excellent job.: Michael Newton

Nice job everyone. Thank you for handling this in such a short time frame. I am sure LFS appreciates the effort. :Lomesh Shah-CIO

Love the new layout for form fields, fantastic and great thinking! its great!! thanks very much you guys have done a great job. - Paul Williams - Senior Developer

Yes, congrats all around. Thank you all very much for your tremendous dedication. The site looks great and we are all thrilled. The progress has been awesome. Looking forward to moving ahead on www.givelime.org was well. We are really trucking.: Michael Newton

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